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First photo: 4/10/2011 6:15:00 PM
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This photo journal will document the construction of my Zenair 2200 amphibious float kit. 

Why build your own floats or amphibs?  First prequisite is you must have the spirit of experimental aviation and the desire to build your own things.  If you are not into building, then just like building an aircraft, building floats might not be right for you. 

Second is financial.  This was huge for me.  I want amphibs because I desire my Cub in my hangar, safe and dry.  Pricing certified amphibs will give anyone severe sticker shock.  We're talking $35,000+ rigging + labor.  There was no way I wanted or could afford that.  I researched my options, including scratch building floats.  I could not find a set of drawings to scratch build floats of 2000+ size.  That leaves the kits and there is Zenair and Montana.  The Zenair floats were previously known as Czech Floats however the two companies parted ways and now Zenair builds them seperately.  Montana Floats are very nice and I considered however they were consderably more expensive than Zenair.  So I decided to go with the more affordable Zenair basing my decision on $$$$ and the good reputation the Heintz family has with their aircraft products.

The Zenair floats are available in 2 ways.  First is what  I call the "poor man's kit" which is the basic parts kit with no pre drilling.  Second, is a pre-drilled kit where they completely assemble your floats with clecos taking care of all fitting and drilling.  Then they take it apart and ship to you.  You probably can guess my choice, yep the "poor man's kit". 

So keep checking back on my photo journal to watch the progress.  Here we go!

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