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First photo: 4/4/2010
Last photo: 4/24/2013

My Super Cub was completed in January 2010.  First flight was on January 18, 2010.

Aircraft details:

  • Scratch built fuselage (with help of Robert Spraker tack welded frame)
  • D&E Aircraft Super Cub Wing Kit
  • 77" flaps, 102" ailerons
  • Semi Horner tips from D&E (included in kit)
  • Wag Aero unfabricated and balanced tail kit (sans rudder)
  • Fabricated rudder using Alaska Airframes rudder ribs and horn.
  • Lycoming O-360-A1A (purchased from Wentworth, then rebuilt)
  • Custom Aircraft Super Cub exhaust
  • McCauley 1P235 84/43 Prop
  • Dynafocal engine mount with 0-degree thrust built in.
  • Super Cub cowl kit from Back Country Super Cubs
  •  3" Extended unfabricated gear kit from Alaska Airframes
  •  Larry Bauer airbox and gear suspension (dual die spring)
  •  VG's from Harrison Designs
  • Stewart Systems Covering System 

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