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Charles Aaron's Photo Album- Good photos, scratch built PA-18, Spraker fuselage. He's flying!
Taliaferro Super Cub- The ultimate Super Cub restoration project.
Cubus Maximus Photo Album- Over 1000 photos of entire Smith Kit PA-18 project. Now flying.
Marty Feehan's Project - Building Wag Aero 2+2. Wood ailerons and flaps. Great photos. See drawings below.
Rick Davis "Davis Special" - Awesome "Producer" style aircraft with D&E Riblet wing. Finished and flying!
Erik Newton's Bearhawk Site - Awesome construction log of a Bearhawk.
Colin Potter's STOL King Project - Very cool Fiesler Storch style airplane. Excellent construction photos.
Smith Aviation Super Cub Builder photos - These are the photos that were on the Smith Aviation site before sold to Back Country Cubs.

SUPER CUB WEB SITES - if you haven't been here, you are really missing out. Tons of helpful people and information. Lots of photos.

Aircraft Spruce - everything under the sun for homebuilt aircraft.
Northland Aircraft - order all the PA-18 Super Cub drawings on a CD-ROM. I have this CD and it is the backbone of my project.
D & E Aircraft - experimental Cub wings, wing parts, struts.  My wing kit.
Calumetcub (Larry Bauer) website unknown - Experimental parts (airbox, dual spring suspension, sight gauges, brakes, etc)
Carlson Aircraft - Ribs, spar blanks, struts... Weld on fittings, parts.  (has old stock of Northland fittings) Fuselage frame parts, gear, tail, struts Welded parts, fittings Lots of exp. Cub parts  Back Country Cubs, kits and Cub parts. I ordered my cowl kit from them.
Univair - expensive certified parts.  I bought struts and some fuselage parts there.
Dakota Cub - more expensive certified parts. Some great online technical drawings as well.
Wag Aero - Cub parts, aircraft hardware. Where I bought my tail kit.
Wicks Aircraft - another great source for aircraft hardware. Very reasonable shipping.

Tube Cutting Calculator - Very nifty online tube cutting application. Miter and fishmouth your tubes perfectly!
AC 41.13-1B - FAA's Acceptable Methods, Techiques, and Practices for aircraft building and repair.

PA-18 Parts Catalog - Super Cub parts catalog (Download Adobe Reader PDF 25mb)
PA-18-150 Parts Catalog - Super Cub 150hp only parts catalog circa 1988 (Download Adobe Reader PDF 5mb)
PA-18 Manual - Super Cub owner's manual, weight & balance, rigging, etc. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 4.7mb)
L-21 Erection & Maintenance Handbook - For PA-18-135 observer or Super Cub (Download Adobe Reader PDF 5.5mb)

Piper Hinge Jig - Template I made for welding your Piper style hinges (see tail photos for usage). Also includes bonus tube centerline finder. When printing, make sure you have "zoom" or auto-fit turned off so the scale is correct. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 80kb)
All Kinds of PA-18 Brackets - More templates for the majority of all the brackets and many more items you need for the Cub fuselage, door, controls, etc. When printing, make sure you have "zoom" or auto-fit turned off so the scale is correct. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 258kb)
12944 Piper Floorboard Reinforcement - Full size template. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 32kb)
10134 Brake Unit Support - Full size template. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 25kb)
Weld On Float Fittings (Atlee style) - Full size template. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 62kb)
Engine mount brackets and templates. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 50kb)
Plates and straps for cabane V.. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 25kb)
Full size paint pattern for the infamous tail fin "Vee". (Download Adobe Reader PDF 3kb)
Pulley Covers inside cabin. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 26kb)
Side inspection covers for stabilizer. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 28kb)
Folding seat brackets. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 89kb)
Piper Rib CAD drawing (13814). (DWG in Zip file 22kb)

Wood Wing and Related Drawings (courtesy Marty Feehan)
Aileron Hanger. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 29kb)
Aileron Hinge Patterns. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 36kb)
Flap and Aileron Hinges. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 31kb)
Flap Drill Jig with Bellcrank. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 34kb)
Flap Hanger at Bellcrank. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 23kb)
Flap Hanger Outboard. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 29kb)
Full Wood Aileron Assembly. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 77kb)
Full Wood Flap Assembly. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 38kb)
Wood Wing Layout/Assembly. (Download Adobe Reader PDF 48kb)

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