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Welcome to the main album of my experimental Super Cub project. I will try to keep this project site upated as much as possible while I build.

My Super Cub: First Flight Video!
N118CS - Christian Sturm's Experimental Super Cub
My Flying Photo Gallery:

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My Stewart Systems Fabric Seminar at Stewart's Hangar
History of the Super Cub

Why did I build a PA-18 Super Cub?   I always loved the Super Cub and wanted to own one since I started flying at age 15.  I prefer to have something new and not 50 years old. I love a challenging project and like to build. I've built a plethora of radio control airplanes from scratch.

Piper PA-18 Super Cub Exploded View
Tail Group
Firewall Forward
Finishing Up
My Hangar
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